Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform

Intelligent Automation with AutomationEdge

AutomationEdge is a smart robotic process automation product that comes with key technologies essential for front office, middle office, back office and IT automation. AutomationEdge provides Chatbots, Intelligent Automation Robots, AI, and Machine Learning capabilities that help customers reduce costs, improve response time, increase business, and achieve compliance. AutomationEdge provides ready-made bots and development environment to build new bots.


Business Process Automation

Each organization has multiple business roles and each role has a set of processes, some of which have repetitive, time-consuming, rule-based tasks that can be error prone if performed by humans. AutomationEdge - Robotic Process Automation automates repetitive data processes such as processing transactions, grouping data, triggering responses, and integrating multiple disparate data systems. AutomationEdge - RPA and its intelligent automation ensure that all these front office, middle office, back office and IT operations are performed at higher speed and reduced cost with greater accuracy.


Cognitive Capabilities


Machine Learning

You can build and deploy machine learning data models as part of IT and RPA automation workflows using AutomationEdge Process Studio. Process Studio has ready-made plug-ins that allow you to easily integrate your existing machine learning scripts or add one to the workflow. You can also use existing AutomationEdge algorithms to create required data models. AutomationEdge can be used for ticket classification, document classification, sentiment analysis and many other scenarios.

Chatbot & NLP

AutomationEdge integrates with many conversation platforms. Seamless integration between enterprise chat applications and AutomationEdge is possible for automated handling of business operations requests and IT users. Chatbots can be used for various purposes, such as password reset, frequently asked questions, service requests and incidents, etc.


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