We specialize in Technology Solutions

We believe that using technology is the means by which we bring people, groups and companies together in a common goal, helping you automate, modernize and evolve your business is our mission. TPS IT is an integrator of Data Management, Monitoring and Analysis solutions for large companies. With experienced consultants specialized in providing IT services, we operate in the commercialization, integration and support of ITSM, ITAM, ECM, APM, DDM solutions, among others.

Aperto de mão

A different approach ...

TPS IT delivers through a modern and diverse portfolio a differentiated experience for the entire organization through integrated and adaptable technologies. Whether addressing customer needs and wants, or even demonstrating knowledge and determination in solving their problems and needs. We have in our DNA a culture of understanding and adapting our solutions to each customer need, understanding that efficient actions provide agility, saving valuable time and resources.

Our primordial values;

  • Business Integrity

  • Honesty with people

  • Focus on delivery

  • Professionalism in everything we do


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