Cherwell Service Management

IT Service Management Platform and Business Processes


The most powerful ITSM solution on the market

Cherwell® Service Management is a powerful ITSM solution that enables you to automate and optimize your company's ITIL processes, creating a culture of continuous service improvement. Certified ITIL PinkVerify ™ in eleven ITIL and TOP 3 Gartner ITSM Solutions processes, Cherwell delivers cost savings aligned with industry best practices. With a flexible and 100% concurrent licensing model, Cherwell delivers unique hybrid deployment capabilities (Local, Cloud and SaaS), codeless development, no modularization and unlimited integration capabilities.


Cherwell Service Management ™ has a comprehensive set of features and functionality for managing your company's services. Our enterprise solution not only reduces cost, but also reduces the volume of manual tasks through automation, enabling your teams to implement and automate all of their ITSM processes, delivering an extraordinary experience for your business and end users.

Our key features & features include:

  • ITIL® Processes

  • IT Service Desk

  • IT Service Catalog

  • IT Self-Service Portal

  • ITSM Dashboards & Reporting

  • IT Financial Management

  • IT Lifecycle Management

  • Metadata Architecture

  • SIAM and MSI

  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • Event correlation*

  • Dependency mapping*

Cherwell mApp Solutions

Cherwell mApp ™ solutions are capabilities that enable applications to be created that enable teams to increase Cherwell Service Management's “value” in accomplishing extraordinary things. Instead of building new applications and services from scratch, you can simply download an mApp solution into your Cherwell environment, saving you time and money. MApp solutions are introduced at mApp Cherwell Exchange, an online store that lets you choose from hundreds of third-party extensions, enhancements, and integrations, making it easy and fast to deploy new business processes, IT solutions, without touching a single one. line of code.

  • Instantly add new features

  • Minimize the cost of software development

  • Join a vibrant community

Check out some of our mApps features:

  • Human Resources

  • Supplier Management

  • Project and Portfolio Management

  • Security Management for GRC, Events and GDPR

  • Contract management

  • Zabbix, OCS and Fusion Integration

  • Chatbot Active Integration

  • FixStream AIOps Integration

  • TeamViewer Remote Control Integration


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