Cherwell Integration Services

A platform integrated with the main technologies of the market.

Flexible capabilities for integration with leading market technologies

AYour business needs and challenges are unique, so your approach should be to modernize the service experience with your user. With Cherwell, we understand the digital demands of your business and make it easy to integrate your technologies. Leverage our platform to uniquely orchestrate your workflows, systems, and information, driving results, reducing costs, and enhancing the user experience to accelerate digital transformation across the organization.

Expand your platform with integrations, extensions and downloadable solutions.

Cherwell has a number of features that enable it to integrate with systems, platforms, and multi-segment software. Through its modern interface, you can manage various services by consolidating your information and orchestrating your actions quickly and simply. Reduce costs, consolidate your data, transform your operation.

MApp ™ Merge Applications

MApp ™ merge applications are a patented packaging technique for mixed content on the Cherwell platform. This unique approach enables easy reuse and sharing of integrations, extensions, and orchestration packages that complement and enhance the Cherwell ITSM solution, as well as Cherwell HR, Facilities, and Information Security (ISMS). Instead of creating resources from scratch, you can simply download an mApp application from mApp Exchange and merge it into your Cherwell environment, saving you time and money.

Cherwell mApp ™ solutions let you choose from hundreds of available integrations and extensions so you can extend in minutes, not months. Popular integrations include JIRA, discovery or inventory sources, collaboration tools, and event management and operations management systems. Popular extensions include additional dashboards, a Cherwell Knowledge Center support package, and research. By integrating with provisioning solutions, configurable orchestration packages are provided. Best of all, all content provided by Cherwell and most other non-Cherwell mApp apps are free.

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