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Improve project management with Cherwell PPM

Digital transformation in companies has brought a growing demand for IT projects to meet the demands of various departments such as HR, Operations, Sales, Security, among others. Most organizations have challenges with project alignment, prioritizing demands, allocating resources efficiently and most importantly, achieving real-time status of their projects. Cherwell Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) is designed to enable organizations to better manage their projects by improving their resource management through better decisions about which projects to execute, improving visibility and financial management.

Benefits of Using Cherwell Project & Portfolio Management
  • Work on the right projects
  • Effectively manage your project demands
  • Improve visibility between your projects
  • Optimize use of your resources
Demand Management
Demand management must prioritize all project ideas and requests throughout the organization so that the PMO can execute the right project at the right time. To do this, teams can assess benefits, costs, and risks through a scoring matrix, sometimes referred to as a Balanced Scorecard. They can use dashboards to manage demands at all stages, allowing you to easily compare and prioritize project requests.
Portfolio Management
Portfolio management enables teams to quickly view the health and status of any project portfolio and instantly see how well the organization is working against or for its strategic objectives. As the new project happens, you can easily analyze the potential benefits, costs, and risks of converting demands into approved projects, continuously optimizing the portfolio for your organization.
Project management
Project management allows project leaders to view the total status of all their projects in a consolidated manner and quickly detail a particular project. The system automatically accumulates effort, cost, schedule, and risk information so that project managers can easily assess and communicate status through health indicators. Items and actions that are most important are presented to PM in prominent widgets. The work breakdown structure can be created and controlled within Cherwell PPM or within Microsoft Project, imported and updated periodically.
Resource management
Resource management is critical to the planning and execution of successful projects, to ensure the optimal allocation and utilization of project resources.
PPM allows you to evaluate commitments for specific organizational roles or individuals, ensuring there is the ability to complete work during the project schedule.

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